We LOVE our Tablerock family, and love getting updates on our babies in their new homes. As well as all of the other benefits of owning a Tablerock puppy, owners have accessed to a private Facebook group where they can follow their puppies siblings, and ask questions as they grow.

There is nothing more valuable in this world then seeing my furbaby adore my human baby!! These pair made an instant connection and to this day get up to no good together and have SOOOO much fun together!
Masy is by far the best dog I have ever owned and I feel incredibly lucky to have been given this opportunity to love and cherish her forever!
Tablerock furbabies ALWAYS have a smile on their faces, amazes me at how incredibly happy they are ALL the time!

I’m SO impressed at how quick he learns. He knows Come, Sit, Drop, No, Leave it, Give, Stay (for short periods), Want to go for a walk? (And random things like not grabbing the legs of my jeans as I get dressed!) I’m teaching him earlier than I expected just because he’s so alert & focused. It will obv take time before he’s rock solid with every command, but I’ll probably have to keep introducing new ones just to keep his brain working while we consolidate. For a 10 week old pup though I’m hugely impressed!

Our female blue ACD puppy has now arrived and we couldn't be happier. Highly recommend Amy Curran and Table Rock ACD's. Our little girl has arrived happy, healthy and is very comfortable right from the start around the people and other animals in our household. Amy was a pleasure to deal with from the start, regularly providing updates and pictures of our puppy's progress and always happy to answer questions and provide advice on preparing for her arrival and arranging the air transport to our home in Qld.